How to make an eco-friendly first aid kit

Eco Friendly First Aid Kits

Can you really make an eco-friendly first aid kit? Of course. The team at Real Foods, Scotland’s largest independent retailer, is here to help you.

Even when it comes to your first aid supplies, you can be considerate about what you are sourcing.

You might prefer alternative, natural remedies to help with common ailments, but what about when you’ve nicked your finger by mistake or your child has grazed their knee? What about if you have toothache or aches and pains?

We can help.

Eco-friendly first aid: Cuts and grazes

If you add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to a base oil, you have a fantastic natural antiseptic to clean any cuts and grazes.

If you need to clean up wounds, why not opt for Simply Gentle’s organic certified cotton swabs, balls and pleats, which are better for the environment and support village smallholder farmers in Tanzania.

Kids will love the multi-coloured bamboo swabs of The Humble Co., which are responsibly made from recycled materials.

We also simply love the collection of bamboo plasters by Patch, which are a true champion for your eco-friendly first aid kit with their considered packaging.

You can use the charcoal activated plasters, which draw out impurities and infections from minor cuts, or aloe vera plasters for relieving the pain of burns, stings and blisters.

eco-friendly first aid kit

Meanwhile, little ones can enjoy the cute panda design of the coconut plasters.

Eco-friendly first aid: Ear ache

Do you ever suffer from blocked ears that cause ear ache? Then why not try using ear candles, which is a traditional remedy for removing excess wax. Alternatively, add a few drops of olive oil into your ear cavity, which will help reduce blockages by breaking up excess wax.

Keep some Bio Ear topical formula in your eco-friendly first aid kit to help naturally soothe sore ears and reduce the symptoms of tinnitus.

Eco-friendly first aid: Toothache

If you’ve got toothache and haven’t got a dental appointment for a while, then add a small jar of cloves or clove oil to your eco-friendly first aid kit.

eco-friendly first aid kit

Simply crush one whole clove with your painful gnashers or rub a couple of drops of the clove oil in your gums and let their numbing properties soothe the pain.

Eco-friendly first aid: General aches and pains

Essential oils are an ideal way to soothe any aches and pains. Add a few drops to your bathtub. Why not make your own salve? Just mix a few drops to a base oil such as coconut or olive oil, before rubbing it in the affected area.

Not only are essential oils soothing, they smell great and the base oil you choose makes for a fantastic moisturiser.

eco-friendly first aid kit

If you have sore muscles and you don’t have time to soak in your tub with soothing essential oils to help take the pain away, then consider using a ready-made sore muscle balm.

Eco-friendly first aid: Headaches and migraines

For headaches and migraines, get your hands on a migrastick in your eco-friendly first aid kit, which is an ideal natural solution.

Eco-friendly first aid: Colds and flu

Lavender oil and rosemary oil are great for helping you sleep, while peppermint, eucalyptus and camphor oil are great for purifying the air and staving off colds and flus.

Black cumin seed oil acts is an ideal rub for any respiratory issues you are suffering from.

Create your eco-friendly first aid kit with the help of Real Foods. Buy online or from one of our Edinburgh-based stores, where our team are always on hand to help.

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