The best vegan stocking fillers this Christmas

vegan stocking fillers

Tuck into the best vegan stocking fillers this Christmas, and make sure all your vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free guests are treated fairly.

The countdown to Christmas has begun. Are you already thinking about the little details? The Real Foods team are, and we’ve already started selecting our favourites, including sensational vegan alternatives to some classic Christmas treats.

Almond Bliss White Chocolate Bar

The creaminess of white chocolate is a symbol of Christmas. We’re not sure, but perhaps it’s because of the reminder of powdery snow in winter that this sweet treat brings?

While most white chocolate contains dairy, we have a wonderfully luxurious vegan bar from Vego that’s incredibly creamy with its white cocoa butter base. Also, it’s got a luscious sweetness, which we all need on these dreich winter days.

With lovely delicate crunchy almond pieces that create a tasty crunch, you can feast on our stocking filler choice knowing it is free of palm oil. Did we mention it’s also organic and Fairtrade certified, and gluten-free? What’s stopping you? Vegan alternative to: White Chocolate Toblerone

Ananda’s Gourmet Chocolate Round Up

Do you love the goo of marshmallow? We do too, which is why vegans should never be stopped from tucking into them.

Thankfully for us, Derbyshire-based Ananda exists so that we can enjoy British, Vegan Society certified marshmallows that are made in small batches using natural flavours, vegetable colourants and real fruit powders. If you’re looking for one of the ultimate treats – then consider what the Americans know as Moon Pies, and here in the UK we better know as Wagon Wheels.

Think gelatine-free marshmallow fluff flavoured with vanilla, and a dollop of strawberry jam that has been lovingly sandwiched between two handmade chocolate biscuits and then covered in decadently fine dark Belgian chocolate.

Handmade vegan wagon wheels: is there anything better to find in your stocking on Christmas morning? You’ll know exactly what to tuck into if Christmas Dinner is running late. Vegan alternative to: Wagon Wheels

Christmas panettone

Do you miss that slice of classic Christmas cake when everyone else in your family is enjoying theirs? Or what about a slice of toasted panettone on Boxing Day morning?

Well worry not, our friends at Mindful Bites, who are probably best known for their 100% plant-based nut butters, have got our bellies filled with a treat this Christmas.

You probably know that traditional panettone is handmade in Italy with secular sourdough that has been natural leavened: having risen four times over 72 hours. Well so is Mindful Bite’s miniature version, only they use 100% sustainably-sourced and plant-based ingredients.

You’ll find that the Mini Veganettone has all the flavours of Christmas with its candied orange peel and raisins. What’s more, it also has a wonderfully airy texture, yet with all the moisture you would expect in a traditional panettone. Delicious! Vegan alternative to: Classic Christmas cake, panettone

Gluten-free gummy bear sweets

Soft fruit gum sweeties are a special treat during the festive period. Wouldn’t you want to find them in your stocking? What if we told you they are gelatine-free? We thought so.

From our friends at Staffordshire-based Free From Fellows, the favourite confectionary of our childhood has had a vegan uplift. Amazingly, not only are they vegetarian and vegan friendly, they are also gluten-free and sugar-free. Yes, you can safely say no to sugar.

These these bear-shaped sweeties will be welcomed by any family members who are diabetic or have gluten allergies. Vegan alternative to: Haribo sweets and Jelly Beans

Get more vegan and vegetarian Christmas ideas for festive treats and meals – including vegan stocking fillers – over at Real Foods, Scotland’s largest online wholefoods shop. Or, if you’re in Edinburgh, head to one of our shops to soak in our festive spirit.

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