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It’s that time of year when the capital’s streets are filled with visitors. Here from near and far to celebrate the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Maintain your energy during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with on-the-go Stoats Porridge Snacks, which are on special offer at Real Foods!The team at Real Foods, Scotland’s largest independent retailer and purveyor of vegetarian and wholefoods, tucks into flavours in the Stoats snack range that are on special offer this summer.

Night view from Calton Hill to Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, which runs from 02 – 26 August 2019, needs to be embraced wholeheartedly. For culture and arts lovers, this is your time to flourish.

If you’re looking to make the most of the 25 days of the festivities, you need to ensure you maintain your energy.

What better way than with the classic sustainable breakfast of Scottish porridge oats?

We have the re-imagined version, so that you can re-energize with Stoats snacks, ideal for when you are on the move.

You’ll be busy dashing from theatre, comedy and dance performances to circus, cabaret, opera, music gigs, exhibitions and the many popup street stages.

Porridge oats are a quintessential part of the Scottish breakfast. In fact, they have been eaten since the medieval times.

Why oats?

Oats are an all-year round favourite. Warm and comforting in winter. Providing a fresh crunch when drizzled in natural yogurt, honey, fruits, nuts and seeds in the summer.

Oats as you will see them growing in the field.

Oats are great as they slow the absorption of carbohydrates into your bloodstream, keeping you fuller for longer. Oat are naturally gluten-free wholegrain that are rich in various vitamins, minerals and fibre.

Did you know? Oats are packed with magnesium, which helps your body to produce energy and regulating your blood pressure.

The problem with oats is that they aren’t so easy to whip up and carry them when you’re on the move. Worry not, we’ve got the solution!

Start your day well even when you’re on the go with Stoats Traditional Scottish Porridge Pot. High in fibre and an excellent source of protein.

Perfect way to start the day if you didn’t quite get time for breakfast before leaving the house.

If you have a sweeter tooth, you might prefer Stoats Golden Syrup Porridge Pot. The creamy porridge oats combine with our childhood spoon-licking favourite from the larder. These 60gram pots are ideally sized for any-time-of-day nutrition.

An independent and proudly Scottish brand, Stoats was launched with its food trucks at the Edinburgh Festival. It’s no surprise then that Stoats snacks are once again ready to help all you cultural festival goers stay nourished this year!

Special oats offers!

Pick up a range of Stoats snack bars and porridge pots at Real Food’s two stores in Edinburgh, on Broughton Street next to Leith Walk, and on Brougham Street in Tollcross.

What’s more, we’re embracing the summer festivities, so they are on special offer just for you!

Snack Bars : Stoats Oats 50g and 80g snack bars 20% off
Multi-packs: Stoats Oats 4x50g snack bar multipacks 30% off
Porridge Pots: Stoats Oats porridge pots 40% off

Grab and go sustainable snacks

Unlike most highly processed oat-based snackbars that use unsustainable palm oil, Stoats snacks stay true to the traditional Scottish values. Every product is healthy, 100% natural, wholesome and handmade from real ingredients.

In these tasty Stoats grab and go treats, you will only find pure British butter, adding a lovely creamy flavour to every bite.

The snack bars are wrapped in NatureFlex film, a biodegradable packaging that’s suitable for home composting. In fact, this is the same packaging that we use on our own Real Foods branded dried goods!

All Real Foods own brand Organics and Essentials products up to and including 1kg weights are packed using Natureflex bags which is home compostable.

You can enjoy the Stoats Apple & Cinnamon Porridge Oats Snackbar any time of day, with its great combination of sweet apples, juicy sultanas and a hint of cinnamon.

Or, why not tuck into Stoats Blueberry & Honey Porridge Oats Snackbar, made with whole blueberries, and runny honey?

Even if you’ve chosen poorly and landed up at a bad stand-up show, at least your stomach won’t be complaining!

Our favourite Stoats snack this summer

One of the favourites of our team is the Stoats Raspberry & Honey Porridge Oats Snackbar.

We just love how the wholesome earthy flavours of the Scottish wholegrain oats combine so nicely with the other ingredients – the creamy butter, the tang of the raspberries, as well as the sweetness of the honey.

For us, this is the perfect slow-release energy snack when you’re on the go this summer.

Stay wholesome and healthy throughout the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this summer with Real Foods. Shop online or pop into one of our Edinburgh stores and make the most of our summer special offers on the Stoats range.

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