Gut Bacteria and Gut Dysbiosis

gut bacteria and gut dysbiosis

The bacteria in our gut can have a profound affect on our general health and sense of well being. Have a read on our brief post about gut bacteria and gut dysbiosis.

How does your (internal) garden grow?

Bad gut bacteria are a little like weeds. When they’re under control, they’re harmless. A few weeds in a rambling oasis won’t hurt anyone. But if the weeds start to outnumber the blooms, your flower garden needs attention.

gut bacteria and gut dysbiosis caused by bad bacteria

This sort of imbalance in your internal bacterial system, known as Gut Dysbiosis, can cause serious health conditions. These can range from a weak immune system to digestive problems and weight gain. But that’s not the end of the story, some sufferers find the imbalance presents itself with acne, inflammatory bowel disease and even chronic fatigue. If you find yourself suffering with these types of symptoms then it’s worth getting your bacteria balance right.

Balance it out

If you feel your gut bacteria needs rebalancing then the key is to steadily get things back in check. Slow and steady is the name of the game. Your best bet is to start with an everyday probiotic to help encourage the good bacteria to grow, Optibac Probiotics for Everyday Wellbeing will do the trick.

rebalance you gut bacteria and avoid gut dysbiosis

Creating the right environment

Once you’ve got probiotics in place as part of your daily routine, the next step is to address is your diet. Good bacteria can only thrive when the have the right environment to do so. Cutting dairy fats is a good place to start. Ditch the butter and buy some Extra Virgin Avocado Oil. It’s full of antioxidants called polyphenols that will feed the good microbes and help them to remunerate. Up your nuts, dark chocolate and seeds for an extra polyphenol hit.

ditch the dairy choose avacado oil instead

Good mould

Look at ways you can introduce some fermented foods into your diet. These ‘live’ foods contain good bacteria that can head down to your gut and join the good gut fight.  Kombucha, gooey cheese and sauerkraut will all help.  Swap your moring cuppa for a glass of Thorncroft Kombucha Cordial and you’ll be taking small steps towards good gut health.

A good monirng drik to improve your gut bacteria and avoid gut dysbiosis

A little rebalancing will heal your natural store of good gut bacteria, avoid gut dysbiosis and improve your overall sense of health and well being. Give you gut time to heal itself and you will feel the benefits in no time. Now, pass the sauerkraut…

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